It can feel literally impossible
to find the right therapist.

I totally get it – let’s do this thing!

Therapy for the LGBTQIA Community in Fairfield, CT

Telling your story over and over can be exhausting.

It can be hard to find a safe(r) queer space where you feel like you can be your authentic self.

It may feel like YOU can embrace who you are, but those around you have a hard time accepting and understanding who you are and how you want to move through the world.

Finding a therapist that really gets what’s going on and understands how to talk about it can be a challenge.

You likely don’t want to spend more of your valuable time educating the people who are supposed to be helping you… am I right?

42% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year, including more than half of trans and nonbinary youth.

When you have to waste time and energy bringing people up to speed about who you are and where you fit within the greater community, that takes energy away from your wellness and self-care efforts.

We know that LGBTQ+ people, both historically and presently, continue to face barriers to belonging in family settings, in their religious communities, in their schools, and in their workplaces. That knowledge can be the foundation of how we approach our work together to get you to a place of self-acceptance and power.

(I mean, you maaayyy have to educate me on what new songs Mitski has out or what TikTok video is going viral – but other than that – we should be good). 😉

We can start off on the same page.

I understand the unique barriers that LGBTQ+ people can face in our society. I also know the unique protective factors that we can focus on as well – like family acceptance, safer schools, and the importance of positive role models.

While the dominant narrative has often been one of loss, rejection, and harm – other narratives are also true: resilience, courage, and unique ways of creating and forming community and family bonds.

Let’s normalize LGBTQ+ happiness!

One by one we can change the narrative to create our stories of strength and resilience. I tend to approach the work in an authentic, artistic, and pragmatic way. I try my best to be open, chill, and compassionate – to assist you on the journey you are meant to travel.

Since I was starting to get super deep I’ll just say – EMAIL ME! Lol.

Reach out however you want (but srsly – email is best; text – a close 2nd). We can meet, start the process, have some fun, and get to know each other.

You totes owe it to yourself to reach out!

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