Group Therapy

Gain insight from others’ experiences.

There is a demonstrated need in Fairfield County for three groups that I have recently started in my practice. These groups include LGBTQ+ Parents Group, LGBTQ+ Youth Group, and Parents Process Group.

42% of LGBTQ youth have seriously considered suicide in the past year, including half of Trans and non-binary youth.

Since the pandemic, folks have been reaching out to gain support and insight in dealing with family relationships and interpersonal issues (many involving sexual orientation and gender identity).

Gather with others having similar life experiences.

Whether discussing LGBTQ+ issues or the increased anxiety that many of us feel in daily life right now, these groups are hopefully places where folks can feel seen and heard while in an environment of nonjudgment.

Groups provide a wonderful place to share experiences and talk through your situation with other people who may be experiencing something similar. Group Therapy can also be a cost-effective way to regularly engage in the therapeutic process.

The groups are generally around 5-10 people and last from 50-90 minutes (based on the size of the group). We will be meeting every other week at first and increasing to every week based on the need. The groups are generally facilitated by each member checking in, discussing what they are going through, and sometimes moving to specific resource-based educational content.

Reach out and join us anytime for connection and support!