So, in deciding what to say about myself and my work, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to ask some of my current clients what they think of our work together.

Here is what they said (and I promise I didn’t remove any terrible ones):

Ashby is one of the most empowering and non-judgmental therapists out there. As a queer person, it’s hard to find spaces where you feel like you can show up as your most authentic self. From day one, Ashby has provided that space.
I vividly remember her emphasizing if ‘it feels like a right fit.’ And it sure was
– Client, 20 years old

I’ve seen therapists on and off throughout my life, never really vibed 100% with any of them, until Ashby! When my partner and I first started our sessions, I was much more reserved and not eager to share my feelings. But Ashby is patient, down-to-earth, relatable, and super easy to open up to. She creates a safe space free of judgment but doesn’t let you off the hook easily, so be ready to work with her. She makes herself very available, so I always know there is someone there for me if I need to reach out.”
– Client, 33 years old

Ashby’s young enough to properly understand what I go through, but still old enough to give me good advice. She’s a great listener, and every time we talk, it’s like she’s an old friend, not just someone there to help. I honestly love her, and I love talking to her more than anyone else that I’ve spoken to before. Two years strong, and as much as I hope I don’t ~need~ her at some point in my life,
I would still love to keep in touch because that’s just how amazing she is
– Client, 21 years old

Ashby is one of a kind! I’ve been her patient for almost 10 years and throughout that time, she has been my rock, my guiding light, and has cried and laughed with me through the years. But most importantly, she has given me the strength to stop drinking, stop the self-sabotage, and learn how to self-love. She just gets it, all of the LGBT challenges, a striving career, and motherhood
and helps you navigate it with her calming demeanor, quick wit, and friendly personality.

– Client, 44 years old

Ashby is the best therapist I’ve ever worked with. A lot of therapists talk about creating a safe space, but the space Ashby creates goes beyond that; it’s nurturing, respectful, caring, and warm. Something special Ashby brings to our sessions is humour; memes, music, movies, she gets so many fun references, and she also understands the value in using these references to add context to what we’re saying. On top of being fun and funny, she is sharp, observant, and really astute. She picks up on the vibes from either myself or my partner (even over Zoom??), and addresses it, when appropriate. She asks us thoughtful, direct and concise questions that lead us to the core of the conversation. I really love working with Ashby, and I always leave the sessions feeling like I know myself and my partner better.”
– Client, 32 years old